MangaGamer Announce Discontinuation of Soul Link and Shuffle

As those familiar with the western anime market will already have experienced more regularly, licenses conclude and a number of other reasons can appear which prevent a particular series from being sold outside of Japan anymore. Unfortunately for visual novel fans, this has recently occurred with two titles – Soul Link and Shuffle.

In a recent announcement by international publisher MangaGamer, a chance in management with their partners at Navel, both these titles are set to be continued. The good news however is that the discontinuation isn’t until March 31st, meaning you have until then to nab yourself copies of these titles should you wish to play them.

Those who purchase prior to the cut-off will not lose access to their copy of either game in their account. Owners will still continue to be able to download, install and uninstall their copies of both titles as usual, as this change only affects actual sales. Will they manage to relicense the visual novels in the future and sell them once again? Time will tell.