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Final Fantasy XVI Receives June 2023 Release Date

The next major instalment in Square Enix's long-running and acclaimed Final Fantasy RPG franchise is little more than six months away. Pending any delays, the developer and publisher has confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI will be launched globally on...
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First-person Puzzle Adventure Game ‘Viewfinder’ Revealed During The Game Awards 2022

Among the games previewed and revealed during The Game Awards 2022 was the first-person puzzle adventure game titled Viewfinder, from the development team at SOS (Sad Owl Studios) and publisher Thunderful. The game is due to be released sometime...
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New Trailer for Dystopian Cyberpunk Game ‘Replaced’ Shared During TGA 2022

Showcasing the world of their upcoming action platformer REPLACED, Coatsink and Sad Cat Studios shared the game's world premiere trailer during The Game Awards 2022. Depicting a dystopian but somehow charming cyberpunk past, interested gamers got a look at...
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The Locations and Characters of Teyvat Featured in Genshin Impact TGA 2022 Entry Video

Walking away with the "Players' Voice" award and a nomination for both "Best Mobile Game" and "Best Ongoing" categories for The Game Awards 2022, Hoyoverse should be pretty pleased at how they fared during the award event.
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Genshin Impact Banners Confirm Alhaitham and Long-Awaited Yaoyao to Feature in v3.4 Update

Scheduled to be released early in January 2023, HoYoverse has confirmed who will be the featured characters of Genshin Impact v3.4 in their usual format - releasing character banners on Twitter. Turns out that the leaks and rumours were...
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Dragon Quest Treasures Invites Players on Another Dragon Quest XI Adventure From Today

A Nintendo Switch exclusive spin-off game to Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, from today, players can roll back the clock and embark on a new adventure through the childhood escapades of siblings Erik and Mia in...
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Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent – Ri’tu Character Trailer

A character exclusive to the smartphone exclusive game Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent on iOS and Android - Square Enix has shared this trailer for Ri'tu, described as a "the master of the double dagger Bladed Wings technique". You can now add her to your 'Band of 8' in-game, should you be able to obtain her.
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Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent – Molrusso Character Trailer

A character exclusive to the smartphone exclusive game Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent on iOS and Android - Square Enix has shared this trailer for Molrusso, described as a "a cleric who preaches having faith in others"
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Xbox Team and Calm Form Partnership to Bring Video Game Themed Soundscapes to App

Microsoft's Xbox team together with the sleep and meditation app Calm has confirmed a new partnership, which will see "first-ever video-game-themed soundscapes added to the platform". What does this exactly mean? Users of the app in an attempt to...
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10 Million Pilots Have Taken to the Skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Although the Microsoft Flight Simulator series could be considered a bit niche, improved accessibility through the Xbox Game Pass and probably because its launch window coincided with the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft has shared that in the...
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The Wanderer Is One of the Cooler Looking Characters in Genshin Impact as of...

A new update to Genshin Impact brings players two brand new recruitable characters to the in-game wish system, both of whom are featured in the first wish banner for the update. The 5-star character of the update is the story-critical character....
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God of War Ragnarök Receives Photo Mode in Latest Update

While a Photo Mode is something you would expect to be available out-of-the-box on launch day, should a game opt to include one, it appears Sony Interactive Entertainment's Santa Monica Studio just needed an extra month to roll it...

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