The Otaku’s Study to Revisit and Celebrate the Last Generation

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From mid-2016 until late 2019, I was forced to take a sudden hiatus from The Otaku’s Study due to work and personal related issues. This ultimately meant that I missed out on reviewing a good chunk of the last generation of console gaming. It is time for me to revisit those lost years of my journalistic life, and give these games their chance to shine (or perhaps, not) in front of 2021 audiences. Today I am announcing plans to do a mini-review each week over the coming months, highlighting games from the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Wii U that I never had the chance to review.

So why do this?

With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X out on the market, and although we are looking at a prolonged period where the two generations overlap with one another, it is time to start thinking about where that transition period will be months if not years from now. As more new-generation games are brought to market, video game retailers will over time see a drop in stock of new last generation games. Digital platforms will fill this game with both Microsoft and Sony, incorporating backwards compatibility in their consoles. Still, for those like myself who prefer owning a physical disc, it is time to begin thinking about grabbing those last few physical games before they become a hard-to-find collectable.

The first review in this Flashback Review series is scheduled to go live on Thursday evening.

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