Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

From Mediatonic and Devolver Digital, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout takes the chaotic nature of physical challenges in TV shows such as Wipeout! and introduces a battle royale element.

Central Park Season One

Releasing just in time to sate our need for new musical numbers, Central Park's first season has aired exclusively via the Apple+ digital distribution service over the past ten weeks.

Granblue Fantasy Versus

When it comes to newer IPs receiving arcade fighting game spin-off games, Arc System Works is behind some of the most memorable, having worked on titles such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Persona 4 Arena (Ultimax) in the past.

Deemo for Nintendo Switch

While you cannot go wrong with any of the Rayark Games collection on the Nintendo Switch, given a choice between any of them, I would recommend choosing Deemo.

Beat Saber

If you spend any amount of time watching video game Youtubers, you have likely encountered at least a couple (if not hundreds) of videos featuring players of all skill levels tackling the next weird and wonderful custom map on Beat Saber.

Get Culturally Enriched Today with These Five Performing Arts Videos and Streams

Over the last few days, I have attempted to transport myself to a happier world immersed in the arts, and below are five videos or streams I would highly recommend everyone watch when they have the time!


SoundArt is the new game on the block, developed by MercuryStudio and published by PLAYISM only last month. Staying true to its title, this is a more artistic rhythm game to others on the list, with its own claim as a “VR personification of sensory overload” being apt.

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!

Space Channel 5 originated as a rhythm game on the Sega Dreamcast, and was a short but very addictive musical experience where you stepped into the shoes of journalist Ulala who reported on cases while dancing. It featured an unconventional narrative and a lot of absurdist elements.


I was first introduced to Arknights through a format many would have, through a prominent Youtube advertising campaign using social influencers to push the character designs and gameplay mechanics. Typically I ignore any advertising for mobile games, primarily because

Epic Seven

Kicking off with a surprisingly good narrative for a mobile game, players are thrust into the shoes of Ras, the Heir of the Covenant who is tasked with protecting the game’s world of Orbis from the threat posed by the Archdemon.

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