Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

With a new reboot currently airing in Japan, the creative team gives the OG cast a final send-off in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna.

The Otaku’s Study to Revisit and Celebrate the Last Generation

From mid 2016 until late 2019, I was forced to take a sudden hiatus from The Otaku's Study due to work and personal related issues. This ultimately meant that I missed out on reviewing a good chunk of the last generation of console gaming.

A Conversation With Pauline Maudy

Ahead of performing at the Brisbane Powerhouse in February 2020 for the one-night-only performance of MZAZA's The Birth & Death of Stars, we talked with singer-songwriter Pauline Maudy about COVID-19, her industry advice, and what we can expect from the show!

AnimeLab in 2021

As with many other countries worldwide, there is no longer a requirement to wait months if not years to watch your favourite anime series from Japan legally. With improved online technology, fans can watch hundreds of their favourite shows...

Theatre Insights #1 – Who is Responsible for Bringing a Show to the Stage?

This may sound like a very dry start to the series, but I would like to answer the question of "Who is Responsible for Bringing a Show to the Stage?". The answer is an interesting rabbit hole where one size doesn't fit all.

Stimulate the Brain With These 3 Online Series to Read or Watch

We would have all had this sensation while browsing online - one minute being mentally engaged in something and the next suddenly bored and unsure what to do next. Whelp, as someone who experiences this on an almost daily...

Soapbox: Theatres Need to Strictly Enforce Face Masks Amid New COVID-19 Strains

Greater Brisbane is currently in lockdown for the next three days due to someone unknowingly having and potentially spreading the new, highly-infectious UK-strain of COVID-19.

Fake Video Game Anti-Piracy Screens, YouTube’s Newest, Addictive Trend

Many reading this I would assume purchase video games with their own money, whether due to the risk of getting your console banned, wishing to support the industry or just being unable to hack your console to accept burned...

Katamari Damacy REROLL

I was first introduced to the Katamari Damacy series quite late in its active development history, with Katamari Forever on the PlayStation 3. I originally bought it back when I was in High School, thinking it was a cheesy, fun puzzle game to...

Introducing the ‘Theatre Insights’ Project

From 2015 until 2019, I had the pleasure of being employed within the performing arts industry. During this time, I was honoured to work for multiple venues, and through that countless producers from major musical producers, to State/Local Government,...

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