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Bethesda Details Digital 2020 Black Friday Deals

With Black Friday almost upon us, it is time to start planning how much you are willing to spend and on what discounted items. Video game developer and publisher Bethesda has outlined what their Black Friday deals...
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A Sequel to TWEWY Is Finally On Its Way – NEO: The World Ends...

In 2007, Square Enix and Jupiter collaborated to deliver a Nintendo DS exclusive action-RPG known as The World Ends With You. Across both Japanese and Western markets, the game received a cult following, which has justified it...
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Uplifting Musical Come From Away to Reopen QPAC Lyric Theatre in March 2021

Mark 28 March 2021 on your calendar, with producers Rodney Rigby and Junkyard Dog Productions confirming that the heartwarming, uplifting musical Come From Away will re-open QPAC's Lyric Theatre from that day.
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Begin Rolling Stars, Katamari Damacy ReRoll Launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Following its earlier release on the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC platforms, gamers on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One line of consoles can now get their katamari balls out and begin...
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Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The PlayStation console brand has never really had one single mascot to represent its brand. In the days of the PS1 you might have considered Crash Bandicoot or Spyro to be good candidates, and for the PS2...
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Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown Streaming on AnimeLab for One Week

While all twelve episodes of TV anime Goblin Slayer can be watched on the AnimeLab video-on-demand streaming service right now, its feature-length film has been made available neither on home video release nor through...
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Astro’s Playroom

Let's be honest for a moment; you don't generally expect to receive a free high-quality video game when you first purchase a new system. Historically, you may have been lucky to receive a demo disk bundled with...
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Time to Clown Car This Ride!

With the multicrew systems in Star Citizen at their most simplest levels, there is no real incentive to ride alongside other players when you can easily spawn one of the ships available to you at the time...
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The Consolidated Outland Nomad

Imagine the versatility of a medium-sized, multi-purpose freighter packed into a compact frame. Imagine a ship designed for lone pilots finding their way across a galaxy teeming with possibilities.The Nomad is ready to go anywhere and...
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More Anime Tales Await Fans in Sentai’s February 2021 Blu-ray Haul

One exciting thing to do at the turn of each new year, is thinking about all the new anime releases you will be able to enjoy over the next 12 months. Continuing to confirm their home video...
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PlayStation 5 Marketing Campaign – ‘First Play’ with Nick Kyrgios

With both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X both on the market now and the profitable holiday season just ahead of us, gaming fans should expect to see new ad campaigns roll out from both Sony...
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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders: Battle in Egypt Now Dubbed on AnimeLab

Ready for another weekend anime binge? Australian anime publisher Madman Entertainment has updated their AnimeLab video-on-demand streaming service with all episodes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders: Battle in Egypt dubbed...

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