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PQube Detail Contents of “Mr Happiness” Edition for Gal*Gun Double Peace



A few months ago and still coming as quite a surprise, PQube announced their plans to localise and release the rails shooter game Gal*Gun Double Peace in international markets later this year. While they have yet to share a closer look at how the localisation process has been going, the publisher do have something special to announce for those looking to nab themselves a pricier but exclusive physical edition set.

Exclusively available in Europe and North America, this “Mr Happiness Edition” is set to include the following goodies:

  • A copy of Gal*Gun Double Piece
  • A “Premium Quality” art book
  • Set of 4 downloadable costumes: Cunning Kunoichi, Wedding Dress, Sexy Ribbons and Sakurazaki Squad 777
  • Exclusive Shinobu and Maya wall scroll
  • Official Gal*Gun Double Peace Soundtrack
  • Mr. Happiness “Screen Cleaner”

This special edition can now be pre-ordered for £64.99 (PS Vita) or £69.99 (PS4). Unfortunately for those who might like to shop around or have a favourite gaming store, this edition is only available through Rice Digital. Do note that there are different US/EU versions of the game, even if the contents of the set and game should be identical.

Developed by Inti Creates and published internationally by PQube, Gal*Gun Double Peace will be available for purchase later this year on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. While Gal*Gun did originate on the Xbox 360 in Japan, it is currently not available on either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

PQube Detail Contents of "Mr Happiness" Edition for Gal*Gun Double Peace 3
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