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MangaGamer Kicks Off Their Winter Sale for 2015


Winter Sale

From today until December 25th, international visual novel publisher MangaGamer will be holding their Winter sale. Select titles can now be purchased for up to 40% off, with a range of all-ages and 18+ visual novels on sale.

This year they will also be celebrating their 2015 releases with “Twelve Days of Visual Novels”. Through January 4th, they will be offering triple MangaGamer points on all their major releases from 2015, and every day from December 12th through the 23rd, they plan to highlight a different release via their blog.

The following titles will be on sale until December 25th:

The MangaGamer Santa also plans to deliver some “extra special deals” on the 25th.

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    • Sales for visual novels apparently require a lot of negotiation before hand, so I wouldn’t be surprised if not only are the physical and digital versions considered two different products to the creators, MG couldn’t put digital Iris on sale if they wanted to.

      That or maybe they just really want to get rid of the few extra copies they have laying around.


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