Sony Interactive Entertainment and CCP Games Form Partnership to Bring EVE: Valkyrie to PlayStation VR

While developer CCP Games will likely always be known as the company who delivered the complex and sometimes harsh virtual world of EVE Online to gaming audiences, they have worked on a number of smaller games which are set in the same universe. One of these is the space-faring dogfighting shooter EVE: Valkyrie, which is being developed for virtual reality platforms including the PlayStation VR.

EVE: Valkyrie is set to be available as a launch title for the PlayStation VR when it launches on October 13 2016. But with a physical release on its way – who exactly is the publisher? It has been announced that Sony Interactive Entertainment have formed a partnership with CCP Games, who will see the game arrive on store shelves as a boxed edition for launch.

Priced at $84.95 AUD, the digital and physical editions of EVE: Valkyrie will come with several bonus goodies, including:

  • Legendary ‘S4 Wraith’ Fighter
  • PlayStation-only ‘Cobalt’ Flight Suit
  • Official EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Avatar
  • Limited Edition ‘Founder’s Pilot’ Forum Tag on
  • War Chest of 2,500 Gold

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment, additional free content will be made accessible to all owners of EVE: Valkyrie throughout the game’s lifetime. CCP and reportedly already planning the first free post-launch update to the game.

UPDATE: My apologies for the typo in this articles original title. EVE: Valkyrie is set for release on fhe PlayStation VR not Playstation Vita. My sincere apologies for the confusion. This error was in the title, and the comtent of this article remains unchanged.

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