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PSA: Do Not Look Directly At the Sun

Whether using your real life eyes or forcing a video game character's field of view - it is never a good idea to look directly at the sun. Yes, this is the wise pro life tips that you can surely only get from a website such as this.... right?

The Refinery Decks of HUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station

Although Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 did not feature much in the way of new planet-side content to explore, the development team incorporated Refinery Decks onto a selection of space stations - primarily around lagrange points in the Hurston, ArcCorp,...

The Last Sunrise of 2950 at Lorville

Over recent years, developer Cloud Imperium Games has rolled out several major planetside hubs in their still-in-early-access space-simulator game Star Citizen. Depicting arguably not the brightest future after humans took to the stars, many planets have been colonised and...

Go Just Go!

Go Just Go! is one of the latest songs to receive a choreographed GRAND version in Starlight Stage. Like Joker before it, this song features a cast of nine characters who can be switched in-and-out.

Joker – Ember Last

Joker, performed by the in-game group Ember Last, is one such song receiving a GRAND version in Starlight Stage. This involves nine characters total, who can be switched in-and-out.


Due to the commencement of another in-game raffle for New Year's, which I expect not to do very well in again, I have spent the last few hours binging the smartphone rhythm game The [email protected] Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage....

Happy Toy Day From My Villagers Across the Sea

From my small village waaaaay across the ocean, on one of its myriad of islands... My villagers have come together to celebrate another Animal Crossing toy day...With their gifts from Santa delivered and many happy moments to share between...

Albedo Welcomes You to The Frigid Dragonspine – Genshin Impact

Introduced in Genshin Impact 1.2, players can now visit the cold, frigid locale of Dragonspine in Mondstadt. Whether with your party of tried and tested companions or new allies including 5-star Albedo (pictured above) also introduced in the update...

Star Citizen’s Cargo Service Bays

As part of Star Citizen's Alpha 3.12 build, which recently went live on game servers, the development team did another pass of space stations scattered around the Verse. While the interiors of these structures were a jumble of services...

A Schoolgirl From Another World

With Square Enix announcing the release of a school uniform for all races and orientations in Final Fantasy XIV this evening, could not resist the urge to take a cute snap using my Lalafell character. Is this her isekai...
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