Star Citizen: A Tour of Lorville’s Maria Pure of Heart

Visiting the hospital of a utilitarian company city (that I would prefer to never be a patient of)

Officially going live on the game’s proper Alpha servers, Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 was released in a finished state to all players over the weekend. While this brought a range of gameplay changes, one arguably obscure inclusion was the next of Star Citizen’s custom designed hospitals – Maria Pure of Heart – which has been seen in-game for some time but is now functional and can be entered in-game

As someone who once aspired to obtain their Doctor of Medicine (although life had other plans), the designs of hospitals in video gaming has always been of interest to me, and checking out what the development teams at Cloud Imperium Games have put together in recent Alpha builds have been an exciting part of each release.

Located in Lorville’s Leavsden Square, the commercial hub of the region despite being far from pretty, Maria Pure of Heart stands tall – with an entrance facing the bar and another accessible from Leavsden Station itself. Mixing the utilitarian style of the area with a few luxuries to give it faux grandeur, visitors and patients alike are greeted by propaganda around the Hurston family (including Maria Hurston who the hospital is named after) and pro-corporate messages subtly (and not-so-subtly) encouraging workers to not let their illnesses disrupt their work too long. Compared to Orison and MicroTech in particular, this would easily be a hospital of last resort for me…

Take a peek at the Maria Pure of Heart Hospital below:

Exterior of Maria Pure of Heart

Lobby and VIP Lobby of Maria Pure of Heart

Ward Floor and Private Rooms

In development by Cloud Imperium Games and their studios across North America and Europe, Star Citizen is being helmed by Wing Commander (1990s) creator Chris Roberts. The game has currently been in a long-term alpha phase with no confirmed release date. Despite this, the studio has raised more than $435 million USD through on-going crowdfunding. Please keep in mind should you decide to purchase towards Star Citizen, that this is an incomplete project and that you are pledging towards an extended crowdfunding campaign with no 100% guarantee of a finished product.

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