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Madman Confirm Extra Screenings for Parasyte: Part 1 This Weekend


While their screenings of Parasyte: Part 1 last weekend was supposed to be only a one day special event, Madman Entertainment have confirmed there will be a second chance for those in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to see it in cinemas. The locations and times for each capital city’s screenings, spread across Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend, can be found below:

Sat 02/05 3:30pm & Sun 03/05 4:45pm

Sun 03/05 3:50pm

Sat 02/05 3:30pm & Sun 03/05 3:30pm

While the original screenings came with a complementary poster with each ticket sold (While Stocks Last), it may not be the case with the encore sessions.

Synopsis for Parasyte Part 1

Tiny creatures called “Parasytes” have arrived on Earth with the sole purpose of taking over human brains and preying on mankind. One latches on to ordinary high school student, Shinichi Izumi. Whilst he is able to fight it off before it reaches his brain, it is now stuck within his right hand.

But a strange relationship develops between himself and the creature he calls “Migi”, and before long they begin to encounter other Parasytes which launch savage attacks against them and endanger the lives of his friends and family. Shinichi and Migi have no choice but to work together and hurl themselves into the fight against an ever more complex and aggressive enemy.

Madman Confirm Extra Screenings for Parasyte: Part 1 This Weekend 3
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