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Australian Produced Film ‘Dinosaur Island’ To Begin Screening in Australia from Mid-February 2015


Dinosaur Island

After being conceived by the Australian creature effects expert Matt Drummond approximately three years ago, the Aussie-produced family film Dinosaur Island is set to hit the silver screen from next month. The film is set to be distributed exclusively by Hoyts nationally from February 14th 2015, to be followed by a release on DVD and Video-on-Demand platforms from April 1st 2015 kudos of Pinnacle Entertainment.

The feature film came about when  Drummond was living in Vanuatu, where his company, Hive Studios worked on a string of dinosaur documentaries featuring dinosaurs for American cable networks National Geographic, History and Discovery channels. In Vanuatu, Drummond met Hollywood producer Paul Mason, who encouraged him to make his very first movie. That movie being Dinosaur Island.

Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island follows the adventure of Lucas (Darius Williams), a 13 year old boy who embarks on the “vacation of a lifetime”. When disaster strikes, Lucas finds himself stranded in a strange land littered with ghost ships and prehistoric creatures. While searching for signs of life, Lucas hears a distant radio broadcast and is drawn into the jungle where he encounters a young girl (Kate Rasmussen) who claims to have come from the 1950s. Together they set out on a quest to get home all the while uncovering secrets that will forever change the future.

As this is set to be a “family film” with a target audience of children between the ages of six and twelve years of age, don’t expect anything too extreme in terms of content. That being said, with Australian-produced family films such as Paper Planes receiving rave reviews, perhaps this will end up being another film to receive such a high reception. If nothing else, the animation looks pretty damn impressive!

Dinosaur Island

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