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New Preview Video for Corpse Party: Tortured Souls


Following the brief OVA episode that was included with the Japanese release of Playstation Portable title Corpse Party The Anthology: Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday Game of Love 2U, there is set to be another four episode anime series set to be released in Japan from the 24th July 2013. 5pb and MAGES have released another for the OVA episodes, coming in a bit shorter than the last trailer this one has a greater focus on the Naomi Nakashima / Seiko Shinohara arc that the first game of four comprised of.

Corpse Party originated back in 1996 as a video game developed by Team GrisGris for the NEC PC-9800 using RPG Tsukuuru Dante98, which is now known internationally as the RPG Maker line of titles. The game was later enhanced and brought over to the PC and with the assistance of 5pb the Playstation Portable and has received a couple of sequels and spin-off titles since. The game follows a group of students who after performing a ritual known as “Sachiko Ever After” find themselves trapped in a haunted elementary school from decades go – with the spirits of children who were the victims of a tragic crime on the grounds after them. Seemingly unable to escape and separated, the students work towards finding an escape route.

Both Corpse Party and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows have been released internationally by the team at XSEED Games. You can read my reviews of both titles HERE and HERE. No international anime publisher have confirmed their acquisition of the anime series.

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