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Winter Festival Dresses Now On Sale in TERA Online



While it might now be Autumn or Spring depending on which hemisphere of the world you are in, the realm of TERA Online still has a few more weeks of winter ahead of it. Therefore, En Masse Entertainment have announced that a range of Winter Festival dresses and accessories can now be purchased via the game’s “Tera Store“.

Those looking to spend a little bit of money in-game can purchase Snowsilk and Golden Snowsilk dress boxes. With no randomisation of item drops, these smart boxes will provide players with the correct style of dress for their character’s race – in addition to a matching hat. Feeling lucky? They are also offering Wintersilk and Frostsilk loot boxes. These boxes are guaranteed to contain a semi-enigmatic scroll, however also come with a chance of dropping special costumes, alkahests or other consumables.

There is also a “Frostspun Flower” hair accessory, which is set to go with any of the festival dresses on offer.  This accessory is available for 595 points by itself, however Elite Subscribers can pick it up for just 145 points (75% off) for a limited time.

Winter Festival Dresses Now On Sale in TERA Online 7
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