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[18+] MangaGamer Release ‘Beat Blades Haruka’


ABeatBladeHaruka_MainVisual_logo_resultfter announcing the visual novel’s release date back in January, international visual novel publisher MangaGamer have announced that Alicesoft’s Beat Blades Haruka (aka. Choukou Sennin Haruka / 超昂閃忍ハルカ) is now available for purchase via their online store. So now… it’s sexy ninja fight time!

Evil ninjas have invaded Japan to try and conquer it with their deviant ideals and revive the ancient creature that grants them power! And the only way to stop them–is to get it on with your own group of ninjas! Blessed with the special ability to grant to superpowers to those you bed, it’s up to you and your manhood to train your girls and make them strong enough to fight off the encroaching evil! Grind your way through the sheets to raise your party’s stats! Once strong enough, fight ninjas, destroy evil castle lairs and encounter 150 different scenes which cover a range of… tastes.

This is an action/fantasy visual novel with a raising sim element. All this will come with no mosaics over any naughty bits. It also comes with full Japanese voice acting, with exception of the mute main character.

Storyline Synopsis

Takamaru Ikusabe, a boy attending Jippou Academy, was living a peaceful life in pursuit of love, despite constant cockblocking by his landlord’s daughter, Narika Shihoudou. One day, Takamaru encountered a girl who captured his heart at first sight. Her name was Haruka Takamori.

That night, Takamaru and Narika were attacked by a mysterious group of ninjas. The one who saved them from the crisis was none other than Haruka, wearing kunoichi gear.

Haruka called Takamaru her master and asked him to perform sexual acts with her. It turned out that Takamaru was the young master of a heroic ninja clan known as the Crescent Moons, and via sex, he had the ability to provide a supernatural energy called Sex Power (SP).

Haruka obtained some SP from Takamaru and managed to fight off the ninjas, but that was only the beginning of a long and arduous battle.

Sample CG Artwork / In-game Screenshots

[18+] MangaGamer Release 'Beat Blades Haruka' 17
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