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Andy Serkis to Star in Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Mode as the Vanduul Thul


Joining other major celebrities who have lent their voice and acting abilities to Star Citizen’s storyline-oriented Squadron 42 module, developer Cloud Imperium Games have confirmed that actor Andy Serkis has taken on the role of Vanduul Thul.

Andy Serkis has performed in a number of major live-action and motion capture works, including Gollum in Lord of the Rings and Caesar in the recent Planet of the Apes series. It is also his performance capture studio, Imaginarium Studios, where some of the creative work for Squadron 42 has taken place.

Highlighting this announcement, Cloud Imperium Games have shared the above Behind the Scenes video, highlighting Serkis’ role in the game.

Star Citizen is currently a work-in-progress video game for the PC, which currently holds the title of most crowdfunded video game ever ($110 million and counting). For more information on this title and for a further look at what the development team have developed for it, visit its archives on The Otaku’s Study.

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