Squadron 42 (Star Citizen)

[Video] Squadron 42 Previewed in Holiday Sneak Peek Trailer

While it is still uncertain when Cloud Imperium Games will release their single-player campaign for Star Citizen titled Squadron 42, to mark the Christmas season, the developer has shared this three and a half minute "visual update" reel.

Andy Serkis to Star in Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Mode as the Vanduul Thul

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FanEYdkFQXA Joining other major celebrities who have lent their voice and acting abilities to Star Citizen's storyline-oriented Squadron 42 module, developer Cloud Imperium Games have confirmed that actor Andy Serkis has taken on the role of Vanduul Thul. Andy Serkis has...

Gillian Anderson to Feature in Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Module as Captain McLaren

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUhRXJOnJes Quite fittingly as she is about to return to the role of Dana Scully in the upcoming The X-Files miniseries, Cloud Imperium Games have confirmed that Gillian Anderson will have a major role in the upcoming Squadron 42 story-oriented...

Cast Members for Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Module Announced – Including Gary Oldman as Admiral Ernest Bishop

Although all bar one character role has been redacted, the teams at Cloud Imperium Games and Foundary 42 have announced sixteen actors and actresses who will be taking on roles in the Squadron 42 module of Star Citizen. The...

Star Citizen – First Look at the Pegasus Escort Carrier

The Pegasus Escort Carrier is set to serve as an important ship in the single player campaign of Star Citizen: Squadron 42. With development continuing in this mode, Cloud Imperium Games and the design team at Foundry 42 have...
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