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Gillian Anderson to Feature in Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Module as Captain McLaren


Quite fittingly as she is about to return to the role of Dana Scully in the upcoming The X-Files miniseries, Cloud Imperium Games have confirmed that Gillian Anderson will have a major role in the upcoming Squadron 42 story-oriented module of Star Citizen. Providing both motion capture and voice to the role, Anderson will take on the role of Captain McLaren.

To coincide with this announcement, CIG shared a new behind-the-scenes video, highlighting during production last Spring at The Imaginarium at Ealing Studios in London. You can view this video above.

In addition, CIG have also confirmed that the mysterious Xi’An Khartu-al scout ship is available in the pledge store for the next week or so. It is not currently available to either walk around in the hangar or fly, however the Xi’An Khartu-al is currently in active development and will be one of the next ships added to Star Citizen’s Alpha. To purchase this ship or to look at some concept artwork, click HERE.

Plan to sign up for Star Citizen and take your first steps in the Verse? Enlist using the referral code STAR-JCS6-3943 and you will earn yourself an extra 5,000 UEC to spend in the Voyager Direct store. As you might already expect with a referral system, I receive a few perks as well.

Game Packages start at $45.00 (Aurora LN, Aurora MR, Mustang Alpha) and will grant you access to digital download copies of both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 when they are launched in the future (This may possibly change in the future, where both will only be purchasable separately). Depending on your budget and ship preference, packages can go right up to $325.00 plus.

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