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Cloud Imperium Games Announce New Free Flight Opportunity for Star Citizen



In what will probably be the final free flight event before the sales of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are separated (Thus most likely making the game more expensive to pledge into), Cloud Imperium Games have announced they are enabling Free Flight access to all players for a short time. This free flight opportunity will provide anyone who has not pledged, access to all three alpha modules which are currently available in-game: Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 (Aka. Mini-PU), Arena Commander (Dogfighting Module) and Social Module

This is the first Free Fly event which provides access to the Mini-PU, and will provide players with access to three different ships to fly around space in: the Hornet F7C military fighter, the Aurora LN Starter and the Mustang Delta Interceptor.

Feel like joining the Star Citizen community or at least trying your hand at the game. You can enlist using this link. This link comes with my referral code (STAR-JCS6-3943), and will earn you an extra 5,000 UEC to spend in the Voyager Direct store. As you might already expect with a referral system, I receive a few perks as well. Don’t wish to use my referral code? Just delete it from the enlist page and add a friends or leave it completely blank.

For current players, Cloud Imperium Games have also distributed 1x Store Credit Tokens to all players. These tokens allow backers to use store credit to unmelt a single ship – rather than the usual method of having to pay out of pocket. Additional tokens will be provided at a rate of one every three months.

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