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Sales of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 to Be Split As of Next Month


Every week, the team at Cloud Imperium Games put together an “Around the Verse” feature video for Star Citizen. This report, which is generally 30 minutes – 1 hour long each week provides news from the different development teams working on the game, interviews with team members, sneak peeks and more. You can watch the most recent episode above.

Currently when pledging for a Star Citizen crowdfunding package, your contribution will provide access to both the persistent universe “Star Citizen” mode and the single-player Squadron 42 campaign. While there could still be a few years to wait until everything comes to fruition, a pledge of $45.00 could gain you access to both games plus a starter ship. However, there has been word these past few months that CIG will be separating the sale of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, requiring gamers to purchase both individually. The most recent issue of Around the Verse has confirmed exactly when this change will be happening.

The split will happen on Valentine’s Day (Sunday February 14). While exact pricing hasn’t been announced, Director of Community Engagement and Online Strategy Ben Lesnik has stated they have currently been selling everyone “two games for the price of one”, meaning the price to purchase the duo of titles could potentially be at least $90 (or less depending on how starter ship distribution will be handled with regards two the individual titles).

Plan to sign up for Star Citizen and take your first steps in the Verse? Enlist using the referral code STAR-JCS6-3943 and you will earn yourself an extra 5,000 UEC to spend in the Voyager Direct store. As you might already expect with a referral system, I receive a few perks as well.

While set to change in a few weeks time, Game Packages currently start at $45.00 (Aurora LN, Aurora MR, Mustang Alpha) and will grant you access to digital download copies of both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 when they are launched in the future. Depending on your budget and ship preference, packages can go right up to $325.00 plus.

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