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Remember Project x Zone? Namco Bandai Ramps Up the Promotion For It A Month Post-Launch


Remember Project x Zone for the Nintendo 3DS? Last month saw Namco Bandai release the tactical role-playing game internationally and localized into English. Despite the game being available for more than a month now and the company apparently having ended promotion of the game and moved onto other things, earlier today they unleashed a new “Mega Attacks” trailer for it – focusing on Megaman, the titular character from his own game series.

Irrespective of if they just found this lying around on one of their PR computers or have decided to garner attention for the title again, if you are still undecided on whether to purchase Project X Zone this may be of some use. Alternatively you can check out my review of the game HERE. While the game had some rather nice visuals, music and voice acting for a game on the Nintendo 3DS console, both its storyline and gameplay were lacking what it could have potentially been.

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