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Even More Trademarks Filed By Namco Bandai for Potential Tales Series Titles – Is There More Than One Game Planned For Release?


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An image from Tales of Xillia, the latest Tales game released to the international market

So it turns out that Namco Bandai Games in Japan have filed for even more “Tales of” series trademarks, following their habit of trademarking several titles prior to announcing the one the game will be announced as. According to trademark applications uncovered by Siliconera there is an additional three potential titles to the five we already know of. The newest possibilities are:

  • Tales of Link
  • Tales of Jin
  • Tales of Ansis

Interesting enough it leaves me wondering if they aren’t planning more than one title – perhaps one for the Playstation 3/4 and one for the Playstation Vita given the company’s recent endeavors on the portable console. Especially considering that these three trademarks seem to be quite different in structure to the previously unveiled five (Zestoria, Creales, Castora, Zestiria and Zestias).

Either way we should hopefully know sooner rather than later what cards Namco Bandai are going to play with for the series’ 15th installment. The question is… are they going to be doing anything particularly fancy given we are nearing the 20th anniversary since Tales of Phantasia was first launched in 1995?

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