[18+] Erotic ASMR Catgirls Await This Month With Jast’s Neko Night

Developed by the Japanese company Chaos-L, who have previously released works including Sweet Sacrifices and Meteor Pendulum, Jast USA has confirmed that pre-orders for an English release have opened for Neko Night, due to arrive on digital storefronts starting 31 May 2022.

Described as a “nukige with a twist”, one main feature of Neko Night is that it features binaural audio ASMR, meaning that for those that enjoy the sensation (sadly, not I), you can enjoy every single syllable of sound “send your ears to heaven”.

Neko Night will be available exclusively via the Jast Online Store, with no announced plans to offer an all-ages friendly release. The title is on the more affordable end of the scale at $19.99 USD, although a limited time discount down to $16.99 USD is available.

You can read more about Neko Night by continuing to scroll down. Beware though, some naughtier and skimpier content may await as you work your way down.

The Story of Neko Night

It was business as usual in your life as a freelance writer until you were tasked with writing about your first sexual experience. How can you write about something that never happened?

Unable to make any progress, you doze off in front of the TV only to wake up later and find a girl with cat ears and tail standing at your front door in the middle of a rain storm. She seems to know you, yet you have no recollection of her.

She claims God tasked her with having your babies?! And if one wasn’t enough, a second girl just like her soon shows up and wants to compete for that same position!

Who are these girls and why did they come to you? Is it all a dream? Might as well have some lewd fun while you find out.

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