Pre-orders Open for English Ver. of Nitroplus’ Sci-fi Visual Novel, Tokyo Necro

Continuing their localisation and release of Nitroplus’ broad range of visual novel works, publisher JAST has today opened up pre-orders for their incoming release of the dystopian sci-fi title, Tokyo Necro.

While the release date has not been amended outside the ‘Early 2023’ launch window, the who pre-order will be eligible for a 10% discount, which may or may not be an incentive to lock yourself in for a pre-order. More notably however, physical editions are available via J-List and HMarket for $99.99 USD, which includes a DVD copy of Tokyo Necro and the following goodies:

  • Special “Frozen” Outer Box
  • 26-page Localization Commentary Book
  • A2-size Ex Brain Poster
  • 2 x Sticker Badges
  • Iria Plush (20cm / 8 inch) as a pre-order bonus, also available for separate purchase
Pre-orders Open for English Ver. of Nitroplus' Sci-fi Visual Novel, Tokyo Necro 1

Digital pre-orders are currently being accepted via the Jast website, GOG.COM and Steam. The visual novel is rated mature, and depending on the platform you purchase on, may also contain erotic scenes.

The Story of Tokyo Necro

Tokyo Necro takes place in the year 2199: the Earth has found itself plunged into a new ice age, with a number of still-functioning major cities serving as pockets of civilization.

Against this bleak backdrop we meet Nagaoka So’un and Kibanohara Ethica, who work to combat criminal activity by Necromancers. Using biotech that has yet to be fully understood, Necromancy allows practitioners to reanimate corpses as their thralls and use them for whatever nefarious purposes they may envision.

Our story begins when So’un discovers an amnesiac girl in a car trunk after what was seemingly a routine, if not harrowing, encounter with a hostile Necromancer. The girl is being pursued by a mysterious group of Necromancers known only as The Laboratory. Things escalate from there, with both So’un and Ethica discovering that their pasts and heritage must be confronted should they wish to move forward.

Expect to hear more about Tokyo Necro’s release date in the coming weeks. In the interim, scroll down to check out some preview artwork, and jump to the next page for comments by those involved with the visual novel’s localisation (and the VN’s opening).


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