Just Deserts Deployed Onto Steam By the Orders of Sekai Project and Vifth Floor

Love is just a sand dune away, but first it is time to give these alien invaders their “Just Deserts!

In partnership with the development studio Vifth Floor, Sekai Project have published the military-themed action dating sim Just Deserts on Steam – supporting Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. This release features full English voice acting for each of its heroines, and comes with three in-game languages – English, Japanese and Indonesian, opening it up to a wider audience.

In Just Deserts players will step into the combat boots of a soldier who must defend Aquarine City, after the neighboring city of Quentine was obliterated by a mysterious race of alien invaders. Assigned to a troop of highly-skilled and dangerously captivating girls, players will set out to save humankind and maybe even capture the heart of their dream girl(s) in the process.


Just Deserts features five heroines, each of whom have different personalities and interests. Depending on your relationship with each of these ladies, you will be able to unlock seven different endings.

As a dating sim rather than a traditional visual novel, there are gameplay mechanics to this title. To be more exact, players will primarily be in charge of a management system w/ different stats to take into consideration: energy, health, money, time of day and love status. Players will also be able to engage in turn-based battles against aliens, seeking to put an end to their threat once and for all.

Just Deserts is now available for purchase on Steam for $9.99, however is 10% off during its launch week.

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