Second Drama CD for Kindred Spirits Goes on Sale – Friendship Plans

Tsurugimine Kiri and Koba Youka are both enjoying every day with their lovers. But at some point they realize their dates are getting a little repetitive and start to worry.

When the two of them give it some thought, they decide to each plan a date for the other.  

What will Kiri plan for Youka, and what will Youka plan for Kiri?


Earlier this year, MangaGamer decided to work on something different from their usual visual novel projects. Complementing their work on the main visual novel, the company have decided to release the four drama CD’s created for Kindred Spirits on the Roof. Each of these drama CD’s will be released individually, but given they feature Japanese dialogue, will only be available as video files.

The second drama CD titled “Friendship Plans” is now available for purchase via both the official MangaGamer Online Store and via Steam. While the price is consistent at $9.99, there are a few differences between both online stores.

Those who purchase via Steam will receive the video file which encompasses the first CD. According to the Steam store this content is only available in an online streaming format, with more information about what this entails available HERE. The Steam store product page can be found HERE.

Alternatively, those who purchase through the MangaGamer online store will receive not only the localised video file, but also the original audio tracks, bonus sound files and backgrounds as exclusive items. Orders through MangaGamer can be made HERE.

Certain that you want to purchase the four drama CD’s but don’t want to have to make individual purchases? MangaGamer are also offering a full set bundle priced at $39.95. More information on this set can be found on the MangaGamer website.

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