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Help Support OELVN Icebound Get Past Steam Greenlight


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After managing to successfully accomplish their $7,000 crowdfunding goal back in September 2013, the team at Fastermind Games have been hard at work getting their OELVN Icebound out to market. While successfully accomplishing this goal and getting it out to the market via services including Desura and the Humble Store, they hope to get their VN out on the Steam store. Of course, like many smaller studios there is one significant barrier which stands in their way…. Steam Greenlight.

As someone who dislikes seeing any niche game with potential left stuck at the community vote phase indefinitely, I encourage everyone to visit the Icebound Greenlight page HERE and consider if it would be something that interests you – or at least something you could see someone else enjoying. Icebound does not currently have voice acting attached to it, but a free voice over pack is currently in the works for everyone who buys it.

A demo version is also available via the VN’s official website. I will also have a review of the full visual novel hopefully up next week.

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