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The Ultimate Boob Wars by MangaGamer Are Set for Begin in February 2014



Following the original success of their original English localized release of Boob Wars, international visual novel publisher MangaGamer have today confirmed that pre-orders have opened up for Ultimate Boob Wars via their official website.

This installment continues the battle over best breast, as Kingdomsunsheathe their swords for holy justice and plunge them into the warm, waiting flesh of their enemies as bulging, brimming hopes clash against promising young buds in this new battle over ultimate control of Bustchest.

As you might have already guessed, this release will be only be available in the 18+ edition initially developed by Softhouse-seal in Japan, featuring no mosaics over the naughty bits and a price of $44.95 ($40.45 if you pre-order). The game is set for release on the 21st February 2014. Want to know more information on the game? Check out below!


Big boobs: bulging with miracles. Flat chests: the promise of infinite possibility. This is the continent of Bustchest. A marvelous land full of bountiful nature, graceful landscapes and heart-pounding secrets. The continent is divided down the middle into two kingdoms. In the western mountains lies the Kingdom of Piequartz, ruled by the queen of the Big Breast Tribe. In the eastern flat-lands is the Kingdom of Serpettane, ruled by the Flat Chest Tribe’s queen.
Since ancient times, various ideologies and religions centered about the worship of the female chest have existed in both kingdoms. They loved the breasts of both tribes, big and small, indiscriminately and worked together, living in harmony.
Every ten years, a festival of prosperity is held on the neutral territory of the Chest Flatlands in which the Big Breast Tribe’s Breast Deity, “Boweene,” and the Flat Chest Tribe’s Breast Deity, “Petan,” are summoned by the shrine maidens of their respective tribes. But, about a thousand years in the past, the gods suddenly started a quarrel when they were summoned for the festival.
A chill of fear came over the chests of the people, full of excitement from the festival, and all they could do was pray that the gods’ angry chests be quelled. The intensity of the fight rent the continent of Bustchest in twain from north to south through the Chest Flatlands. The resulting fissure was named the Chest Cleavage, dividing the two kingdoms. And the gods, having used up their power, vanished and never appeared again, even when summoned. The quarrel between the gods bore discord in the hearts of the Big Breast and Flat Chest tribes. In no time at all Big Breast faith and Flat Chest faith took root in both kingdoms.
Although the two parties were ready to go off at even the slightest provocation, the Chest Cleavage made it difficult for either party to mount an attack, breeding the belief amongst the people that “it is the will of the gods that this schism divide us so that we do not not interfere with one another.” Thus, a delicate balance was struck between them. However, a mysterious tectonic shift caused the Bust Cleavage, which had divided the two kingdoms, to close up again, sending the land once again into a panic. Once joined, the Bust Cleavage became an expansive field once again, earning it the name Cleavage Field. It became a battleground upon which the warrior women of the Big Breast and Flat Chest kingdoms waged war.

And thus, the many years of precarious peace were destroyed, and the continent of Bustchest was enveloped in the fires of war.


CG Artwork



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Milphalia Ur Urrila

The Big Breast Maiden who was made to become Haruto’s ”Personal Boobs” by order of the breast deities. She is traveling with Haruto.

She may be the Maiden who worships the Big Breast Deity, but she believes in the teachings of the days before the continent was split: that there is no reason to discriminate based on breast size.

She has a cheerful, soft-hearted personality, can’t even imagine doubting a soul, and gives her all to whatever she does.

Because she’s descended from a long line of Big Breast Maidens, she produces milk when she becomes sexually aroused. Haruto squeezes her boobs every day, but she tries her best not to let it out.

Iris Milla Serpettane

A Flat Chest girl who is traveling with Haruto.

She’s actually a Serpettane princess, but she is hiding her true identity from Haruto and the others.

She has an appetite bigger than her tiny body.
She has a terrible sense of direction, so if you take your eyes off her for a second, she’ll get lost.

Since she was very sheltered and hadn’t really been out of the castle, she’s quite ignorant of the outside world.

She abides by her late father’s teachings and is hostile to the Big Breast Tribe.

Flat Chests are said to be sensitive, so her super-flat chest is super-sensitive. She’ll cum just from having her nipples played with.

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Estraea Munnue Piequartz

The princess who rules Piequartz. As one might expect from the Big Breast Tribe’s princess, her boobs are huge.

She’s smart, beautiful, charismatic, and young, yet said to be the finest ruler in generations.
She has a gentle smile and is popular among her people.
But that gentle smile is but a facade for the outside world; in reality, she’s a sadist who loves toying with people.

Even as a princess, she fights on the front lines, using her beloved whip to bully people until they break.
Those soldiers who experience it are traumatized enough to never appear on the battlefield again.

At first glance she seems perfect, but she has a big complex about her chest.


Haruto’s average-breasted younger sister who lives in his home town.

Because the Average Chests are of low social standing among both the Big Breast and Flat Chest tribes, the Average Chests have gathered in that isolated village to escape them.

She’s extremely polite, so much so that it’s hard to believe she’s Haruto’s sister.

She’s terrifyingly strong and is better with a sword than Haruto, but she loves her brother dearly and works hard every day to catch up to him.

She saves the enslaved Average Chests, but both countries have put bounties on her head and nicknamed her the ”Scarlet Crow.”

She has a complex about her average-sized chest.

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Chocolat Collation

A girl with a bad case of adolescent delusions who suddenly appears before Haruto and the others.

Her entrance was accompanied by a grave atmosphere and she can use some flashy magic, so at first Haruto and the others thought she might be the final boss; but really, she’s Iris’s maid.

The only magic she knows how to use is impressive at first glace, but ultimately merely for show. She’s easily the weakest character in the game.

But not only is she Iris’s maid, she’s also a talented Flat Chest chef.

She repeatedly appears before Haruto on her mission to find Iris.


A girl who was abandoned in the forest and raised by a giant white wolf-fox.
She calls the creature ”Mama” and they live happily together.

She’s of the Flat Chest Tribe, but for some reason, she has big breasts, and ears and a tail just like her Mama.

She’s scared of humans and lives hidden away, but she calls Aria ”Grandma” and loves her dearly.
Curiously, Mama got attached to Haruto, so Nico calls him ”Papa” and became attached to him.

She’s heard about animals mating from Aria, so she knows the basics of how babies are made. She thinks she shouldn’t be mating with Haruto, but…

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Aria Aliialia

An elf who lives in the forest with Nico and is the Flat Chest Tribe’s Maiden.

To the untrained eye, without a good grasp of Elf life spans and aging, she appears to be quite young; but she’s easily over a thousand years old.

Normally she acts hyper and girly, but she gets mad when her age is mentioned. Despite her age, she has a rather mischievous personality.

She dotes on Nico as if she were her grandchild, but she doesn’t like being called ’Grandma.’ She keeps trying to get people to call her Aria-chan, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Tiara Firo Serpettane

Iris’s mother and queen of Serpettane.

She gives off a cool aura and is a stickler for the rules, but normally she’s a kind and gentle person.

Her husband, the king, has already passed away, and she’s managing the kingdom all by herself.

She doesn’t care for war, but she fights out of a strong sense of duty to her country and people.

Unlike Estraea, she does not appear on the front lines. But she’s a skilled tactician, giving precise orders from the back lines. Her soldiers have a deep respect for and trust in her.

20130822185237 20130822190243

Lumha Howard

A soldier in the Piequartz army who serves Estraea.

She has a timid and cowardly over-polite manner of speaking, but when faced with someone she doesn’t like, she has an impressive grasp of sarcastic yet polite speech.

She’s thoroughly faithful to the Big Breast faith, so naturally she looks down on flat and average chests.

She’s timid, but immensely powerful as a soldier.
She’s terrified to the core of Estraea’s punishments.

She has a variety of jobs, including gatekeeper and jail guard, and encounters Haruto’s party in a variety of situations.

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