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MangaGamer Announce the Addition of Koenchu and Princess’ Edge! to Their Online Store


While most of their own releases come in the form of English localized visual novels published both digitally and occasionally as a physical release, their online store has recently held host to a number of other video games and indie visual novel titles. In their latest announcement MangaGamer confirmed the addition of both Koenchu from Zero Sigen and Princess’ Edge -Dragonstone- from Erobotan.

Koenchu was developed by Japanese doujin circle Zero Zigen, but also released simultaneously in English by those very same people. The game is bilingual,  fully voiced in both English and Japanese, with the choice to play in either language. The story of Koenchu follows a boy named Souta who wants to become a voice actor. Join Souta has tries to make it in the harsh competitive world of voice acting, and enjoy all the many features this game has to offer: Achievements, radio shows, mini-games, and more!

Princess‘ Edge by Erobotan on the other hand is a fast-paced side-scrolling action game. This little game is sure to be fun for fans of the classics like Golden Axe or Streets of Rage. More information on both titles is available for your viewing pleasure below:

Koenchu – The Tales of the Voice Actress –

Koenchu! Follows Souta, a student who wishes to become a professional Seiyuu, or voice actor. In his adventures he meets many girls who also have the same dream. Will Souta make it in the competitive seiyuu world in Japan? Why does a creepy talking bird keep bothering Souta? And with so many girls around, what is Souta supposed to do?! Find out in Koenchu!

Promoted features of the game include:

–Dual Language!
Not only can you choose English or Japanese text, you can also choose the language of the voice over!

–Multiple Endings
7 main heroines to choose from, and even more!

–Achievement System
Just like the modern console game systems, Koenchu has an achievement system. There are 48 trophies to achieve. Just completing the game normally won’t unlock everything!

There are multiple choice quizzes scattered throughout the game. Will you be able to catch the attention of the girls by answering them perfectly? Over 3000 quiz questions from minor to major topics!

–Typing game
Quickly type in the script on screen! If successful, the characters read the famous lines!

–Radio Program
You can listen to a voiced radio program in game. Over 10 different shows and 10 ours of recording! If you listen carefully, you might find a character you know…

Princess’ Edge – Dragonstone –

Princess’ Edge – Dragonstone is a beat’em up similar along the lines of Bareknuckle/Street of Rage, Golden Axe, Oboro Muramasa, and Guardian Heroes. It’s a story about a princess who was sealed by her people to prevent the awakening of an evil dragon. Hundred years has passed and one day she found herself free from the seal, which also means that the dragon will soon spread fear and destruction in the heart of the people. 

Promoted features of the game include:

  • A good amount of special technique, more if you count the aerial version.
  • Combo system, you can even do aerial combos
  • Backstab system, get behind your opponent and strike them for more damage
  • Mounted combat system
  • Smooth animation and control
  • Gamepad and keyboard are both supported
  • Support multiple high screen resolutions
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