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MangaGamer Release Digital Edition of Tick Tack! via Official Website


Publisher of English-translated visual novels MangaGamer have today confirmed that their latest release Tick Tack! by Japanese studio Navel is now available for purchase via their official website. As with most of the companies releases, this is an 18+ eroge visual novel which has been uncensored.

It follows the journey of Rin, Nerine, Mayumi and Itsuki who are thrown back in time into the World of the Devils – right before Forbesii and Sage get engaged. The result…. completely messing up the timeline. Will you put things back in order, or make them worse?! Will you fix the broken timeline, or will you be too busy enjoying the girls around you?! Set in the same universe as the Shuffle visual novels, the decision will be up to you.

The visual novel is classified as being of the Adventure genre and comes in at a price of $34.95.



The story begins one holiday.During a calm afternoon, Rin’s group takes notice of a magical item in Nerine’s room, and it is accidentally activated during a fuss caused by Itsuki and Mayumi. The four of them: Rin, Nerine, Itsuki, and Mayumi, are sent to the World of the Devils, 20 years in the past. The two girls they meet there will change history in a big way.

The girl who originally should have become Nerine’s mom.
By wrecking a single vital conversation between her and the King of the Devils, a change in the future occurs. An opportunity is created between the King of the Devils, and a girl he was never meant to marry. And so, Nerine is caught in the aftereffects of that new possibility.

They can’t return to the modern day like this! All four of them band together to return history to the way it should be. A mysterious encounter within the recurring, wildly swinging scales of history. That is where Rin will discover a history he never knew.

MangaGamer Release Digital Edition of Tick Tack! via Official Website 3
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