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MangaGamer Publish Remake of 1980s Erotic Adventure RPG Rance


An erotic adventure RPG from the early days of gaming, western visual novel localiser and publisher MangaGamer has today released a remake of 18+ 1980s RPG Rance -Quest for Hikari- internationally via their online store. Developed by Alicesoft, this release will be titled Rance 01 & 02, covering the earliest adventures of the powerful, horny, anti-hero Rance. This includes not only the first game but its sequel, Rance 02 -The Rebellious Maidens-, first released in 1990.

The collection is available via the official MangaGamer Online Store exclusively, at a standard retail price of $34.95 USD. The games do not have any form of voice acting, but all artwork will be uncensored without mosaics.

You can read more about each game below:

Rance 01 – Quest for Hikari

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Rance 01 is a modern remake of the 1989 original, introducing an expanded story, upgraded graphics and audio, and an updated battle system. The cards are all in your hands as the warrior Rance ventures out to find hot chicks to bang and sets his sights on Hikari, a daughter of a noble family in the Kingdom of Leazas who has gone missing from her home! Brave forests, caves, and dungeons, fighting powerful foes and traps with weapons and combos at the ready! Will Rance succeed on his quest to save the girl, or will he fall to any of the terrible fates awaiting him at wrong turns?!

Official Synopsis

Brutal warrior Rance’s mind is filled to the brim with thoughts of fucking girls. And wherever he goes, screams of beautiful women resound.

He’s been traveling around randomly with the mage girl he recently bought, Sill, but now he has a different purpose in mind.

His target this time… Or rather, his destination, is the Kingdom of Leazas, which is known to be the most wealthy nation in the world.

The daughter of a noble family, Hikari, who attended Paris Academy there, has gone missing, and he’s taken up a quest to find her.

Rance sets off to enjoy the beauties of Leazas!

…And while he’s there, he’ll find Hikari and enjoy her too, of course.

Rance 02 -The Rebellious Maidens-

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With the town of Custom entombed underground and sealed by a barrier, the guild issues a quest to save the town, and mighty Rance is on the job! In this turn-based, top-down dungeon crawler, Rance is off to defeat the four rebel witches that have endangered the town! Yet all is not as it would appear. What caused these witches to rebel in the first place? What are the “cursed rings”? What dark truth is waiting to come to light when Rance’s conquest is complete?!

Official Synopsis

The peerless warrior Rance is a great fighter, a quick thinker, and possessed of powerful luck.

These qualities alone would mark him as a hero to go down in history, but unfortunately, he has no interest in using his talents for such things as world peace or justice, and acts only to fulfill his own desires.

Now, the town of Custom is in danger, and the one who’s accepted a quest at the guild to help them is none other than Rance (and his helper Sill).

Now that Rance is on the job, Custom is saved!… Or is it?

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