[Xbox Games Showcase] Halo Infinite

With a new Xbox console around the corner, it should come as little surprise that 343 Industries would be lining up a new game in the long-running Halo first-person shooter series. First announced during E3 2018, the development teams have been working to bring Halo Infinite to the Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows PC platforms during this coming holiday season.

During the recent Xbox Series X games showcase, the Xbox Team showed off a section of the game’s main campaign mode. Taking place several hours into the narrative, Master Chief and the Pilot are shot down by anti-aircraft guns and crash land on the ring, where Chief sets out to disable the AA guns so they can continue their mission. Focusing in on gameplay, players will see some of the weapons and equipment at their disposal, from the MA40 assault rifle to the high-precision VK78 Commando. It also shows off the newly introduced Grappleshot, which lets Chief close the distance to enemies at will, pull objects directly to him, and move around the map like never before.

The video also reintroduces the Banished, an enemy faction which first appeared in the 2017 real-time-strategy game Halo Wars 2. Comprised of a variety of new and familiar enemies, including the fan-favourite Brutes, this group is led by the ominous War Chief Escharum, who they claim “will one of the most formidable foes the Master Chief has ever faced”

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