[Xbox Games Showcase] As Dusk Falls

If there is one genre of video game that the last couple of console generations have really fostered, it is the interactive drama. From Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake to Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, interactive drama has gone from clicking on screens in the 90s to delivering highly-detailed fully-explorable worlds, where each decision you make can draw the narrative in a different direction.

During the Xbox Games Showcase, the new interactive drama As Dusk Falls , the inaugural work from developer Interior/Night was premiered. Headed up by Caroline Marchal, a former lead game designer at the aforementioned Quantic Dream, this studio sets out to create “ambitious and innovative interactive narratives”. This game is in development currently for the Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows PC; and will be published by Xbox Game Studios.

Dusk Falls explores the entangled lives of two families across thirty years in small town Arizona. Starting with a robbery-gone-wrong in 1999, the choices you make will have powerful impact on the characters’ lives in this epic story of betrayal, sacrifice and resilience.

Can you break free of the influence of a toxic, but loving, family?
Can you start over by moving home or changing jobs?
Can you overcome your past?

Expect to hear more about Dusk Falls in the coming weeks and months leading to launch.

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