New Details Provided About Adventures of Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Unable to draw themselves away from their successful Uncharted series despite Uncharted 4 seemingly concluding the story of main character Nathan Drake, Naughty Dog are working on a standalone adventure title for the PlayStation 4 titled Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Sony Interactive Entertainment have shared their first look at the game.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog by Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s Director of Social Media Sid Shuman, key members of the Naughty Dog development team and voice cast including Game Director Kurt Margenau and voice actors Claudia Black (Chloe) and Laura Bailey (Nadine) share additional details on the game. Topics include why Nadine and Chloe are chosen to be the co-leads, the scale of the levels, a peek at some of the new weapons and tools at the player’s disposal, and whether they would be looking at including a Nathan Drake cameo.

You can read the entire article written for the PlayStation Blog HERE.

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