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The M50 Interceptor Available for Limited Time on Star Citizen Pledge Store



While there are a number of ships and game packages which players can pledge towards for Star Citizen, there are also many ships which are only available through special sales. One particular class of ship in which all but the starter ship is locked to time-limited sales are “Racing Ships”. While players can freely pledge towards the Consolidated Outland Mustang Gamma for $55 USD, those who want either the Origin Jumpworks M50 Interceptor or the Origin Jumpworks 350r have only been able to at limited times.

As a sort of in-universe tie-in, Cloud Imperium Games have held the “Galactic Tour’s Combat Ship of the Year” survey. This saw all players given access to both ships for a limited time – with the most popular ship as voted by the community made available for sale. The survey has now concluded, and the cheaper M50 Interceptor won the community vote. Coming in at $100.00, backers can now pledge towards this ship via the Pledge Store either through a standalone purchase or by upgrading one of their other ships.

Do note that this ship is only available as a standalone ship, meaning that to actually access Star Citizen and the Squadron 42 modules when they are released sometime in the future – you will need a package. The easiest way to get both games with a starter ship in my opinion is to pick up either the Aurora MR or Mustang Alpha Star Citizen + Squadron 42 combo bundles.

This is not the only Ship Survey being hosted by Cloud Imperium Games however. They are now asking players to test-fly and vote for whether the Anvil Aerospace F7C-M Super Hornet or Aegis Dynamics Vanguard Warden should both go on sale. Cast your votes HERE.

For the last few years, Star Citizen has been continuously crowdfunding through the sale of game packages, in-game ships and other items. It has currently raised more than $123 million. As the game stands at the moment, it is currently in its alpha phase, and it is currently unknown when the Persistent Universe module will actually launch in its final form. The game’s campaign module – Squadron 42 – on the other hand has previously been listed by CIG for a release later this year. Time will tell if this happens. Just be aware that you are pledging towards an unfinished game at the moment, and like most crowdfunding campaigns, the usual risks apply in doing so.

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