Fighting Spin-off Game Koihime Enbu Headed to Western Markets on PC

Working alongside BaseSon and Unknown Games, video game publisher Degica have announced their plans to bring Koihime Enbu to the PC via Steam in western markets. The good news is that this isn’t a title you will have to wait long for, with a release date currently locked in for May 19th.

Koihime Enbu is a spin-off fighting game, based on the Koihime Musou visual novel series (Handled by MangaGamer [18+] internationally), which is itself a re-imagining of Romance of Three Kingdoms where a majority of the characters are female. Players will be able to take control of thirteen different characters from the series, who are supported by a further seven “assist” characters, and have them battle against one another.


According to Degica “fighting game veterans will relish the tight controls and fast combat, providing the possibility for huge combos and devastating counters”. But with quite a few fighting games on the market, including those tied-in with a varied number of other anime/video game franchises, time will tell if this fighting game manages to stand out among the crowd.

Some promoted features of Koihime Enbu include:

  • Explore the Fatal Counter system which gives moves different properties that make comboing easier and longer!
  • Utilise the Tactics Meter with special moves, ex special moves, super moves, and ultimate moves!
  • Save your best bouts for later, or learn from your previous battles with Replay Mode!
  • Ascend the online rankings by battling in ranked matchmaking, or keep it closer to home and play with your friends in local versus mode!

Pre-Orders for Koihime Enbu are now being taken through Steam, with a pre-launch promotion slashing the game’s price by 20% ($39.99 USD down to $31.99 USD).