Restaurants and Kids Stuff to Feature in Upcoming The Sims 4 Content Releases

The Sims Studio have recently shared the above trailer via their social media channels, which in fifteen seconds highlights some of the things they have in store over the coming months for The Sims 4. As this is only a sneak peek, content may differ considerably from what has been displayed.

In “Spring 2016” (or Autumn 2016 in Australia), they will be releasing a new Game Pack which seems to have some relation to restaurants. As we only see a few Sims eating at tables and a waiter, it is hard to tell how in-depth the culinary systems surrounding this will be. As this will be a Game Pack much like Outdoor Retreat and Spa Day, don’t expect it to be as deep as a traditional expansion pack.

In “Summer 2016” (or Winter 2016 in Australia), they are set to release a new Stuff Pack which focuses on delivering living spaces and new items for child Sims. Not much to say other than you should expect a number of new items and clothing options from this pack when it releases.

The Sims 4 was released worldwide on the PC in September 2014, and has since seen two expansion packs, two game packs and a handful of stuff packs released for it. You can see my original review of the game HERE, and subsequent write-ups of its expansion packs HERE and HERE.

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