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ACE Team’s The Deadly Tower of Monsters is Unleashed Upon the Critics and General Public


Framed as a 1970s sci-fi film directed by the fictional Dan Smith and starring Jonathan Digby, Stacy Sharp, and a no name actor, The Deadly Tower of Monsters seeks to provide both the charm and cheesiness of a B-list film.

After crash-landing onto the hostile planet of Gravoria, fearless hero Dick Starspeed must deftly navigate the treacherous landscape in order to rendezvous with his trusty sidekick Robot. They eventually meet up with the fiery Scarlet Nova, and must ascend the eponymous Deadly Tower of Monsters in order to stop the cruel Emperor of Gravoria. Of course, as the name implies, the tower is teeming with deadly monsters.

These alien abominations include pipe worms, nukular ants and horrific puppyboys. But Dick Starspeed and crew have a few tricks up their sleeves. Using a variety of weapons and skills, the trio can zap, whack, burn, and disintegrate their way up the tower. Of course, it is possible for them to also go down…. All this heart-pounding action is accompanied by director Dan Smith’s “insightful” commentary on the “groundbreaking” film process.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is now available for purchase, and like other ACE Team titles, digitally. It can now be purchased on the PlayStation 4 and PC in the Americas, Europe, Middle Easy, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Until the 2nd February, ATLUS USA are providing a 33% discount off the game’s $14.99 USD price.


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