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The Legend of Legacy – Final Character Trailer (Owen, Eloise, Filmia)


In addition to announcing their plan to release a Nintendo eShop demo for The Legend of Legacy later this month, ATLUS USA have also shared their final character trailer for the JRPG. The final character trailer for The Legend of Legacy focuses on the three characters not focused in the previous two videos: Owen, Eloise and Fimia. Information on all three can be found below:

Owen is a mercenary who excels at combat, and is known for his battle prowess as the “Baron”. His attacks are strong and has a particular affinity towards axes and shields. But like Garnet, does not have any affinity towards the elementals.

Eloise is an alchemist. Fitting to her job, she is what one might consider a competent magic user. She is most skilled when using a bow or staff, and has an affinity towards all the elements.

Who said all characters had to be your typical human-like humanoids? Filmia shakes the composition of the party up by being a frog, and purportedly having an “awesome dance”. Filmia is the heir to a lost kingdom, and is looking to find a home for his people on Avalon. He is one of the stronger attackers in the game who best wields a spear, and also has an affinity to the water element. He is also the character I am quite likely to choose as my main first up.

Developed by Furyu, The Legend of Legacy is set for release in the Americas beginning October 13 2015. Nippon Ichi Software America will be handling the game in PAL regions, but will unfortunately not be making the title available until Early 2016. This may be disappointing news for some given the Nintendo 3DS is still a region locked console.

The Legend of Legacy - Final Character Trailer (Owen, Eloise, Filmia) 3
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