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Learn About Raiden Shogun in Latest Genshin Impact v2.1 Collected Miscellany Video

A brief, solitary bolt of lightning can turn into an unrelenting force of divine retribution in the hands of the Raiden Shogun.

Learn About Aloy in New Genshin Impact v2.1 Collected Miscellany Video

As part of a collaboration event between MiHoYo, Guerilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is appearing as a free crossover character in Genshin Impact v2.1.

Learn About Kujou Sara in New Genshin Impact v2.1 Collected Miscellany Video

The Crowfeather who came from the mountains and forests, turned into a swift Thunder Strike, steadfast to her mission of protecting Inazuma.

See 5-Star Raiden Shogun in Action in Latest Genshin Impact Character Demo

Back with one of their incredibly high-quality character demo videos, developer and publisher of Genshin Impact, MiHoYo, has today shared a character demo video focusing on Raiden Shogun.

A Look at “Otherworldly Hunter” Aloy in Genshin Impact Character Demo

The first crossover character rolling out onto Genshin Impact in v2.1 (PS4/PS5) and v2.2 (PC/iOS/Android) is Aloy, jumping into Teyvat from Guerilla Games' open-world action-adventure game Horizon Zero Dawn.

See Kujou Sara in Action in Genshin Impact’s Latest Character Demo Trailer

When Genshin Impact v2.1 launches this week, players will have the opportunity to pull both the five-star character Raiden Shogun and her assistant, the 4-star character Kujou Sara who was first focused upon near the end of v2.0's narrative.

[Video] Genshin Impact Character Teaser – Raiden Shogun

First appearing as part of the Inazuma Story of Genshin Impact 2.0, albeit not on the most friendliest of terms with the Traveller, the Raiden Shogun will be available as a 5-star playable character when v2.1 launches next month.

Shinso Hitoshi Joins the Cast of My Hero One’s Justice 2

Adding a new playable character to the roster of My Hero One's Justice 2, BYKING and Bandai Namco Entertainment has confirmed that Shinso Hitoshi is now available as downloadable content. He is being added as the first addition of...

Kazuma Kiryu Enters the Super Monkey Ball Franchise

The legendary “Dragon of Dojima” meets the “Monkey of Jungle Island” in this SEGA all-star collaboration, which introduces the formidable Yakuza lead to the world of Super Monkey Ball. He arrives in classic style, sporting his trademark light grey suit,...

Meet Aniki, Pochi and Tattsun from World’s End Club

Ahead of the game's release on the Nintendo Switch next week, Nippon Ichi Software America has shared this short character trailer for World's End Club via their social media channels.
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