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Demo to be Released for The Legend of Legacy on Nintendo eShop


2With little more than a month to go until ATLUS USA launch their English localised version of The Legend of Legacy in North America, the publisher have announced plans to make a free downloadable demo of the JRPG via the Nintendo eShop.

This demo is currently only slated for release in the Americas, with Nippon Ichi Software America having not commented for their plans in Europe, Australia or New Zealand just yet. The demo itself will be available for download from September 22nd 2015, and provides a look at the prologue and first two dungeons.

For those worried that the demo might make the first couple of hours with the full game boring, given they would have to start from the beginning again, the demo save file will transfer over to the final release. It doesn’t seem like there will be any additional “demo” goodies available for those transferring files over however.

Developed by Furyu, The Legend of Legacy is set for release in the Americas beginning October 13 2015. Nippon Ichi Software America will be handling the game in PAL regions, but will unfortunately not be making the title available until Early 2016. This may be disappointing news for some given the Nintendo 3DS is still a region locked console.

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