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From TVs, Brawls and Labyrinths to the Stage – Persona 4: Dancing All Night Launches in North America


Serving as a canon spin-off sequel to Persona 4 Golden, Yu Narukami and the rest of the Investigation Team are trading in their weapons and traditional Persona abilities and taking to the stage in Persona 4: Dancing All Night. After working on the first-person dungeon crawling (Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth) and fighting game (Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax) spin-offs, ATLUS USA have today confirmed that this rhythm game is now available for purchase exclusively on the PlayStation Vita in North America from today.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night see’s the Inaba Investigation Team members join Yu and Rise in the city to participate in the “Love Meets Bonds” Festival, which is not only a major event but will also serve as Rise’s comeback into the world of pop idols. As the team begin practising for the festival, they meet popular idol Kanamin and her group ‘Kanamin Kitchen’. But when all bar Kanamin disappear, the mysterious “Midnight Stage” appears to the Investigation Team, requiring them to mount a mission to rescue the missing group and discover the mystery behind its existence. But despite having only recently begun training to dance, they need to use their newly learned skills to dance for their lives, as their traditional Persona abilities are rendered ineffective and Shadows can only be defeated by dance.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a rhythm game, and thus features a soundtrack of classic and remixed songs from Persona 4, its Vita remake Persona 4 Golden and all previous spin-off titles. The game includes a “Story Mode” which can take approximately a dozen hours to complete along with a “Free Dance” mode which allows you to dance any song of your liking. Although Ryotaro Dojima is still stuck as a secondary storyline-important character, Persona 4: Dancing All Night also serves as the playable debut of Nanako Dojima.

A number of free DLC has been released onto the North American PlayStation Store today as well. Playable tracks “Shadow World (DE DE MOUSE shadow swing mix)” and “Reach Out To The Truth (PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013) are both available for free. The Girls’ Swimsuit Set is also available for free, but will revert to paid status in one week.

Developed by ATLUS / ‘P Studio’, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is now available in North America on the PlayStation Vita (With PlayStation TV Support). Those in PAL Regions will have Nippon Ichi Software America as their publisher rather than ATLUS USA, with the game set to be released starting November 6th 2015. Bandai Namco Entertainment Australia will serve as distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

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