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New DLC Released for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley


CropSet_2_1While I still personally remain unconvinced that distributing DLC for Harvest Moon games is a good route to take, especially considering its role in the family-oriented / young gamer market, Natsume have released two new pieces of DLC content for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley on the Nintendo 3DS.

Titled the ‘Crop/Recipe’ and ‘Flower’ packs, these packs will allow players to enjoy new crops which have been added to Sam’s Shop. Like all crops, these will come with new mutations to discover and experiment with. The pack will also add new recipes to learn from Hanna and new kinds of flowers in Iris’ Shops.

Both content packs will be available at no charge until May 19th, when the price will jump to $0.99 USD. Natsume have mentioned that “Love is in the valley are” and that players can “look forward to a romantic summer”, with plans to add new content (Paid or Free) to Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley sometime in June 2015.

Check out some screenshots for the new content packs below:

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