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Total War: ATTILA Now Available Worldwide


Serving as the next instalment in their Total War line of strategy games; The Creative Assembly, Sega and Australian publisher Five Star Games have confirmed that Total War: Attila is now available for purchase on the PC and Mac. This title can be purchased through retailers in addition to select digital distributors such as Steam.

The Dark Ages approach. A time of famine, disease and war, where refugees in their thousands flee from a sweeping tide of destruction and death. Desperate barbaric tribes rally against the ailing might of a dying and divided Roman empire; the light of civilization gutters and dims. In the great steppes of Scythia, a vast and terrifying force gathers, led by a warrior king whose thirst for conquest is utterly unequalled.

The Scourge of God, the very herald of the apocalypse, Attila the Hun.

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