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New Domain Name Registrations by XSEED Games Indicate Potential Upcoming Releases


Just because this game is a "sequel", doesn't mean every end is a good end!
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, published by XSEED Games in 2013

As we are now in 2015, it is time for us to hypothesize the titles that each publisher have opted to localize and bring to international markets this year. In terms of North American publisher XSEED Games, some investigators have uncovered that the company has recently registered three new domain names that are related to Japanese video game franchises.

These domain names include corpsepartyblooddrive.com (Related to Corpse Party: Blood Drive on the PlayStation Vita), xanadunext.com (Related to Falcom’s recently announced Tokyo Xanadu, console currently unknown) and trailsofcoldsteel.com (Possibly be The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki [Trails in the Flash] on the PlayStation 3 on another “The Legend of Heroes” game).

Do note that XSEED Games have NOT announced any of these three games for international distribution as of this post, and these domain name registrations should not be considered as exclusive proof that we will see a release of them in the future. However, it is a strong indicator of what we could expect to see hit consoles in the coming months.

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