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Nintendo Share Jobs Trailer for Bravely Default


PAL regions including Australia and New Zealand already received their release of Bravely Default early last month to much critical claim  for video game media including The Otaku’s Study. But in an action that is surprisingly not all too uncommon for RPG’s published by Nintendo, it is the North American gamers that have been waiting for its official release, set to hit store shelves from the 7th February 2014.

In their latest trailer for Bravely Default, we are given a look at a number of different job classes available for you to unlock and assign to the four playable characters as you progress through the game. Some of them such as Monks and Black Mages are more commonplace in RPG’s while there are a few additional distinct classes including Summoners, Merchants and Valkyries

For more on this game which walked away with my Game of the Year 2013 (Bronze) award, check out my Review and Unboxing posts.

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