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Tera Online Launches Next of (Female Exclusive) Costumes – Party Boat Cadet and Captain Uniforms



They may be barely out of Halloween, but En Masse Entertainment have chosen to launch their next set of paid costumes via their Valkyon Outfitters cash shop. Available right now through both the in-game and web-based online stores, you can pick up the new female exclusive costumes in one of two ways:

  1. You can purchase individual “Party Boat Cadet Costumes” with matching cadet cap in one of four colours as a uniform bundle.
  2. If you feel lucky, you can pick up a Captain’s Loot Locker for a chance to win a party boat captain costume in one of four colours, a party boat captain’s hat or a number of consolation prizes. Each captain’s loot locker is guaranteed to contain one canephora potion plus one other item.

Both types of costumes are available for all races that have a female gender associated with them – human, high elf, castanic and elin. Just want to oogle the girls in their uniforms without playing the game? Want to see what they look like before you pick them up? Divert your eyes below!

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