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A News Post to Brighten Up Your Day – Make-A-Wish Foundation to Offer the Ultimate Wish to a Young Boy Fighting Leukemia


Source: Make-A-Wish Foundation Greater Bay Area Website

While many hope our offspring are born without disabilities or medical complications, the unfortunate thing is that there are many children born with a long-term disability or medical illness that can be tough for even adults to face. That is when organizations such as the Make-a-Wish foundation, the Startlight Foundation etc can make all the difference – as laughter, smiles and joy can make a difference in their recovery. This came to my attention through Facebook earlier today, and I have to agree with Australian website Mamamia that this is one of the best news stories I have read ever.

Five year old Miles is battling Leukemia, a fight they hope he will win. However this young boy has another desire, to win against the “villains” and become something even more important than Robin to legendary hero Batman….. Batkid! In collaboration with many individuals in San Francisco, Miles will have his wish come true as he not only gets to don the costume but also work alongside Batman on the 15th November 2013.

If you want to know more on this wish, or even want to participate in delivering this wish, I encourage you to check out the official Make-a-Wish foundation website HERE. While being in Australia I will be unable to participate, I would love to see as many readers as possible from San Francisco take part in making this wish a memorable day for Miles!

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