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EVE Online Black Friday Deal – New Accounts for 99 Cents


Black Friday

Have you not yet checked out the unique online gaming experience which is EVE Online? Well hop to it! CCP Games have announced that for their Black Friday sales beginning 5:00AM UTC 29th November 2013 and finishing at 8:00AM UTC 30th November 2013, they will be offering 30 day new accounts for just 99 cents!

While unfortunately this offer is now available to those who have taken advantage of a trial account before, 30 days should give newcomers just enough time to enjoy some of what the EVE Online universe has to offer. In addition, all users can choose one of four specialized exploration frigates to aid them in their future endeavors toward economic, industrial or galactic conquest.

  • The striking, militaristic Sukuuvestaa Heron
  • The distinctly royal Sarum Magnate
  • The hard-shelled Vherokior Probe
  • The sleek Inner Zone Shipping Imicus

Head on down to the Account Creation page to pick up your cheap 30-day account.

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