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The [email protected] Shiny Festa to Receive Playstation 3 HD Remake and [email protected] Channel


The [email protected]: Shiny Festa has had a rather good run so far for Namco Bandai, not only has the title been released on the Playstation Portable and iOS devices in Japan over three editions but also internationally for the iOS platform. It has been confirmed today that Namco Bandai will be bringing a HD edition of the game to the Playstation 3 under the title “The [email protected] Shiny TV“, however it will be a bit different from the original releases.

The company today confirmed that they will be rolling out the [email protected] Channel on the Playstation 3 this year in Japan. While the channel will be a free download and may contain some free content, the content most likely will set you back some cash. The [email protected] Shiny TV will be sold through this channel as content packs of six songs (1,500 yen apiece) although not with the idol limitations of early releases.

Gravure 4 U titles will also be sold through the channel that were originally released in Japan at a considerable price. The first volume will set you back 300 yen while the others are pricier at 1,500 yen. Of course…. fans of the series have something more to look forward to with the earlier announcement that a brand new installment in the series is headed to the Playstation 4.

As many may not be familiar with the Gravure 4 U series, check out the below articles for information on some of the nine volumes

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